Individual Counseling

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, alone, unimportant and misunderstood? Is life feeling like more than you can handle right now? Are you longing for things to be different, but don’t know what to do?

Everyone can benefit from counseling. And taking your first step to come to counseling can be difficult. It is normal to feel nervous at the beginning. Whether struggling with relationships issues, depression, deep grief & loss, trauma, depression, anxiety or other issues, everyone needs the benefits of a trusted and caring counselor. 

Finding a counselor, you trust is of utmost importance.  As a Christian counselor I aim to provide a compassionate, caring, non-judgmental environment while encouraging and challenging you to grow.

Do you feel like you are becoming the person you visualize yourself to be? 

Counseling can help. It can help you find more freedom and insight as you wrestle with who you are and how you were trained to show up and how you want to live with purpose and intention.

I provide therapy to women aged 18 and older. I do NOT see couples, marital, family or minors for counseling. 

Individual Talk Therapy 

sessions are designed to help you begin to process through your story of hope and brokenness. We will begin to explore the patterns that have emerged in your life, the way that they are not helping anymore and what all this reveals. Each session lasts a full 60 or 90 minutes.

Counseling Duration

The counseling process can take as little as four weeks to as long as a lifetime.  Everyone is different and will process through their issues at a different pace.  Individuals with trauma, PTSD, mental health issues or long-term illnesses are likely to need more time in counseling.  You have the right to terminate your counseling and/or switch to a different therapist at any time.